Day 1 - 27 JUNE
3:30 pm
BANK AUDI Presents: Woman Entrepreneurship – Power & Challenges with Alia Mouzannar, Karma Ekmekji and Zeina El Dana moderated by Valerie Abou Chacra
4:30 pm
M.A.C Presents: Master Class   with Romero Jennings and Elsa Hosk
6:00 pm
In Conversation Elsa Hosk with Firras Alwahabi
7:00 pm
ELIE SAAB Presents: Girl Of Now Initiative with Maye Musk in conversation with Nayla Tueni
Day 2 - 28 JUNE
3:30 pm
Building Your Online Brand with Negin Mirsalehi and Maurits Stibbe in conversation with Nathalie Mroue
4:30 pm
11 HONORÉ Presents: Inclusivity over Exclusivity with Dima Ayad, Emma Boutros, Nadine W Njeim moderated By Rym Saidi
5:30 pm
M.A.C Presents: Master Class   with Gregory Arlt And Cynthia Samuel
6:30 pm
Community, A Conversation With FARFETCH with Lana El Sahely, Racil Chalhoub, Raya Dernaika moderated By Amina Mohamed
Day 3 - 29 JUNE
4:00 pm
M.A.C Presents: Defying Beauty’s Stereotypes with Cyrine AbdelNour And Mariam Khairallah moderated by Suzanne Nawwar
5:00 pm
DOVE Presents: Real and Raw with Karen Wazen
7:00 pm
The Master Class with Bassam Fattouh
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